August 13, 2021




Volumetric feeder/ Loss-in-weight scale MZMC / MSDC


Wide variety of applications

The MZMC volumetric feeder is a module designed for accurate volumetric feed of micro-ingredients such as vitamins, ascorbic acid, or dry gluten. Its throughput capacity can be selected within a very wide range. For accurate control of the gravimetric addition of micro-ingredients in a continuous product stream, Buhler offers its loss-in-weight scale of type MSDC.

This feeder based on a “single-screw” design principle weighs small batches in the batch mode as specified by the product recipe. The modular combination of MZMC/MSDC achieves throughput capacities ranging from 0.75 l/h to 240 l/h.

Accurate feeding

• The geometry of the loss-in-weight scale is optimally suited to the feed process. This ensures a high consistency of the feed rate.

• High-grade load cells ensure maximum feed rate accuracy.

• A rugged load cell fastening system guarantees stable and thus reliable weighing cycles.

• The MEAG universal control unit with its smart weighing algorithms controls the feed process for maximum accuracy.

Minimized dust zones

The optimized design of all parts in contact with the product largely prevents dust zones. Quick and easy cleaning enables the machine elements to be removed easily.

Modular design for highly flexible application

• The modular design allows the volumetric feeder to be converted into a loss-in-weight scale within a very short time.

• The screw offers configurations for a wide variety of applications. This allows flexible adjustment to the specific application range in question.

Maximum throughput range thanks to frequency converter-controlled drive
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• A frequency-converter-controlled drive ensures that the maximum throughput range is fully utilized at all times.

• The modular design allows the system to be adjusted to the required throughput range.

Volumetric and gravimetric feeding. Accurate weights

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