AN MAI EQUIPMENT IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD, formerly known as AN MAI CO., LTD, was established in November 2008, is an enterprise specializing in providing products: Petkus seed screening machine, petkus seed sorter, seed cleaning machine. Petkus, petkus drying system, silo petkus … We also provide seed processing and processing lines, machinery for animal feed production lines including Turnkey Solution.

Besides, we also supply rice color separator Amecs brand (Korea) for all agricultural processing industries such as rice, coffee, tea, cashew, pepper … with a variety of large and small capacity.

Especially An Mai Equipment Import Export Co., Ltd also provides about Industrial Scales products in which we specialize in installing truck scale package. Being a professional supplier with a skilled technical team, An Mai Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd. brings high quality, advanced and reasonable price products to meet the different requirements and needs of customer.

The strength of our brand is: The specialization in each department, the high responsibility and the technical supervision work seriously and carefully to provide the best and optimal products. Best and most effective to all businesses in the country. In addition, parts of our company regularly exchange jobs, share difficulties and initiatives to build a more dynamic, creative and professional company in every project we participate in.

With the motto “Cooperation for success together, our company has always tried our best in manpower and built brand reputation, trust with customers with the products we provide with high quality and prestige. . For many years, we have been receiving a lot of support and trust from customers who believe in using our company’s products during the past time.

               That is a great encouragement on the way of development of An Mai Equipment Import Export Company Limited. We will constantly improve, serve the best customers to always be worthy of that belief.